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SATURDAY 4 MAY 2019     7:00pm     THE VIC THEATRE

* Directors in attendance

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Dir. Daniel Rocque, Kassandra Voss
13.5 minutes
A couple head out into the woods for a weekend of camping on their anniversary, but are the memories they create really their own?

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Kassandra Voss is a performance artist, writer, and director. Her work is a love of one’s fate or ‘Amor fati,’ often exploring themes of sexuality, abuse, female empowerment, and mental illness. In 2016, she directed The Yoga of Life, a documentary that explores the evolving perspectives of several yoga students on a teacher training in India. In 2017, Kassandra co-wrote & directed Sea Monster that went on to screen at festivals around North America and Europe.

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Daniel Rocque is a writer, director, and cinematographer inspired largely by 70s independent cinema, Dogme 95, and The French New Wave. He explores an immediate concern with contemporary society by blending elements of realism, surrealism, comedy, spontaneity, and improvisation. He premiered his debut short film at the Edmonton International Film Festival in 2007. In 2017, Daniel co-founded ‘Art You Alive Filmproduction’ with Kassandra Voss and co-created their debut short film together entitled Sea Monster which had a successful run on the festival circuit.

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* Dir. Panta Mosleh, Hayley Gray *
10 minutes
Finding someone your parents approve of can be hard. If they’re of another religion... difficult. And if they’re of the same sex... impossible? Nava and Khalilah are about to find this out as they host a “surprise, we’re lesbians!” luncheon for their families.


Panta Mosleh & Hayley Gray have been Directing/Writing/Producing independent content in their blossoming careers in the film industry. Their goal is to continue to pave the way for more females to take leading roles in both behind and in front of the camera in the ever changing and evolving entertainment industry.

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* Dir. Javier Badillo *
10 minutes
A prostitute struggles with her dreams of becoming a singer until she meets an old blues musician who inspires her to pursue them.


Javier Badillo is a film director with a decade of work in film and animation production. His films have won awards and screened at International film festivals, including Edmonton, Toronto, Cannes, Hoboken, London, and more recently, Harrogate in the UK, where he won an Audience Choice award for his comedy Fatal Rhapsody.

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Dir. Shannon Kohli
11 minutes
Port Moody
When a violent creature escapes from a group of local hunters, it happens upon Callie, a small town gas station attendant at a crossroads in her life. Callie comes face to face with the beast and the demons of her past. An unlikely bond between the beast and Callie will change her life forever, forcing her to face and conquer her fears. Our film captures what it means to be female, to be alone, and to find purpose in something strangely magical.

Shannon Kohli -headshot cropped

Shannon Kohli was born in Canada but grew up in Geneva, Switzerland. She moved back to Canada to study film at UBC where she studied every aspect of filmmaking and put her skills to use directing the short film Exposure. She mainly works as a director of photography and camera operator, but as a director, Shannon wants to focus on bringing to screen women’s lives, issues and successes. Other directing credits include the Crazy8s film A Family of Ghosts, Madness, and episodes of Shadowhunters and Supergirl.

LOVE IS LOUD (1 of 9) web

* Dir. Gabar Choli *
5 minutes
2 couples are seeking recognition in their relationship in unique ways.

Gabar Choli (Director) (1 of 1) cropped

Gabar Choli is a Kurdish-Canadian who was born in Kurdistan. Due to oppression Gabar came to Canada as a refugee in 2008. After learning English and getting a secondary degree in Film, Gabar has been working on film sets as an assistant director. He has written, produced and directed 3 short films so far including Kurdish Tattoo, which has attended film festivals in north America and Europe and has won awards. He has written several feature length screenplays which he is seeking to turn into motion pictures soon.

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* Dir. Veronika Kurz *
6 minutes
An injured dancer comes to terms with her new reality with help from a vision of her former self.

Flow_Headshot_VeronikaKurz cropped

Veronika Kurz is a filmmaker originally from Northern British Columbia. She is an alumni of both Capilano University’s Motion Picture Arts program and the Women in the Director's Chair program. In 2017, Veronika successfully pitched and won the MPPIA Short Film Award for her film 20 Minutes to Life, which went on to premiere at the 2018 Whistler Film Festival. Currently Veronika is prepping to direct her next short and is in development on her first feature.

The Wrestler - Still 3 web

* Dir. Michael Chen *
12 minutes
As a masked wrestler, Terry just wants to be seen as a good guy.

Michael Chen Director Headshot web

Michael Chen is an award winning filmmaker from Nanaimo, British Columbia. His films have been selected to screen at the CBC Short Film Face Off, Comic-Con, the Whistler Film Festival and many others. He has participated in writing programs with Warner Bros, CBS, Bell Media and the WGC.

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* Dir. Gabriel Colome *
15 minutes
Life is not going as planned for David, who finds himself compelled to return to his childhood home and live with his Ma with whom his relationship is both strained and complicated.  Amidst mounting pressures from his work (or lack thereof) and personal life, David must find a way to cope with his opinionated, pessimistic, and sometimes irascible, Ma.

portait of gabe

Gabriel Colome, born and raised in Burnaby, British Columbia, is a filmmaker who holds two post-graduate diplomas in film, broadcast and media communications. His diverse skill set includes directing, cinematography, producing, writing and video editing. Gabriel’s passion is telling stories through the art of filmmaking. He is currently developing his next short film Pink Elephant, and a feature film entitled Seasons.

EverythingsGreat-STILL1-smaller web

* Dir. Linnea Ritland *
15 minutes
An awkward 20-something lesbian bounces between a not-relationship relationship and her alcoholic-dad-soaked home life, seeking stability in others -- but eventually finding it in herself.


Linnea Ritland is a writer/director specializing in queer, comedy and youth films, based in Vancouver. She holds a BFA in film production from UBC. Most recently, her short film “Violet and June” has screened at festivals from Inside Out to the Whistler Film Festival and BFI Flare, receiving the Best BC Short at the 2017 VQFF, Audience Choice and Jury Choice at the 14th annual Reel Pride Winnipeg film festival, and the Executive Producers’ Prize at the Alameda International Film Festival.

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