Talent to Watch Program

*Please Note*
This page contains information from 2020. 
Telefilm has delayed the next call for applications until Fall 2021. Please check back at that time for updates.

Attention Local and Emerging Filmmakers!

CineVic is pleased to return as a recommending partner in the 2020 Telefilm Talent to Watch program! Production Members can apply for up to $150,000 for feature films or $125,000 for web series projects.

To date, 7 teams of CineVic members have been successful in this program and received Telefilm funding:

All-in Madonna (Arnold Lim, Ana de Lara, Susie Winters)
The Devout
 (Connor Gaston, Dan Hogg, Amanda Verhagen)
Two 4 One  (Maureen Bradley, Dan Hogg)
The Hollow Child  (Jeremy Lutter, Ben Rollo, Jocelyn Russell)

Q  (Benjamin Musgrave, Dawn Bird, Dustin Griffin)
Esluna: The World Beyond  (Denver Jackson, Dan Hogg)
Best Friend Me (Ana de Lara, Arnold Lim, Andy Swallow)

We want to keep the momentum going and help your project get the green light! As CineVic is the only program partner in the Victoria region, this is a highly competitive program -- but well worth the effort with great odds at success!

Please start by visiting the Talent to Watch website to read all the updated guidelines and very helpful FAQ.

Then register for our Talent to Watch panel on Sunday February 2nd featuring last year's local participants in the program, Arnold Lim and Ana de Lara.

Application Deadline:

Monday February 24th 2020 @ 11:59pm

Important points to remember:

• CineVic is a designated partner under #1 Selective Stream in the Telefilm guidelines. (To inquire about streams #2 and #3 please contact Telefilm directly.)

• This program has two stages:
Recommendation stage: Applicants apply to CineVic, and we select up to three projects -- one feature film, one web series, and one Indigenous project -- to recommend to Telefilm.
Application stage: If the project(s) recommended by CineVic are selected by Telefilm to move forward, the creative team will then be asked to incorporate a company which will apply directly through the Telefilm portal.

• ALL key members of submitted projects (Director, Producer, Writer) must be emerging talent, i.e. they must already have produced, directed and/or written at least one short film 30 minutes or less, but cannot have previously held the same key position in a feature length film 75 minutes or more. Note that producers who have previously produced one feature film that has received funding under this Program will also be considered as emerging talent. *NEW* Telefilm will show flexibility in the eligibility evaluation of producers who have previously produced one feature film with a budget of $250,000 and less.

• ALL key members of submitted projects (Director, Producer, Writer) must be current members of CineVic. The Director must be a Production Member, while the Producer and Writer may be General or Student Members. Click here to activate or renew your membership.

• Your pitch video must NOT include footage from other projects that are not the team’s own work. 

• The maximum Telefilm contribution amount is set at $150,000 for feature films and $125,000 for web series. Total project budget must not exceed $250,000.

• CineVic will provide in-kind (free) equipment rental for member projects that are ultimately funded by Telefilm and go into production. Therefore you should include a realistic amount of in-kind equipment rental from CineVic as both revenue and expense items in your budget. This is encouraged but not required.

• Telefilm will, for projects of equal quality, prioritize projects whose key creatives (Director, Writer, Producer) reflect the diversity of the country in terms of gender, Indigenous communities or cultural diversity. Please keep this in mind when assembling your team and developing your application.

• The list of required materials for your application can be found on page 5 of the guidelines under section 1.2.1 Submission Materials. All materials must be submitted using a cloud file storage service (ex. OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc).

• CineVic will make our selection and may choose to offer feedback to the recommended applicant before we submit it to Telefilm.

How to Apply:

To apply, send ONE LINK to all of your submission materials stored on a cloud file storage service to [email protected] BEFORE 11:59pm on Monday February 24th 2020.

Watch trailers for CineVic member films funded through this program:

The Hollow Child

The Devout

Two 4 One

Watch our informative presentation featuring past participants of the program: