CineCredits are a form of compensation acknowledging time or effort spent by a current CineVic member in good standing volunteering for the society above and beyond the initial membership requirements, or volunteering on other member productions where the Producer(s) are current CineVic member(s) in good standing and retain full creative/artistic control and copyright in the production. CineCredits can not be redeemed for cash, but may be used for payment of equipment rental.

The fine print:

• One hour of volunteer time shall earn one CineCredit, which will be accepted as the equivalent of $15 (fifteen dollars).

• Members may not receive CineCredits for volunteer hours for which they also receive monetary payment.

• Producers may not earn CineCredits for volunteering on their own productions.

• CineCredits may be used for payment of equipment rental or office/room rental.

• Initial membership volunteer hours do not qualify for CineCredits.

• CineCredits are non-transferable.

• CineCredits may not be earned or redeemed retroactively; the individual must be a member in good standing on both the dates that volunteer hours are worked and the dates on the rental invoice.

• A maximum of 50 CineCredits may be earned per member per production.

• A maximum of 500 CineCredits may be held in a member’s account at any one time.

• The first $15 fifteen dollars per $1,000 of any equipment or room rental (before taxes) can not be paid by CineCredits.

• For recurring room rentals, the $15 minimum cash charge will apply once per invoice. A maximum of four room bookings are allowed on one invoice.

• If a membership lapses for more than 12 months, the member’s CineCredits will expire. CineVic members may apply to the board for an exemption to this rule for reasons of hardship or other reasonable barriers to member usage. Decision of the board on whether or not to grant exemptions is final.