Equipment Rental Request

Rental rates listed are for members only. Non-­members please contact us for rates. Weekends are charged at 1.5x the daily rate, and a full week is charged at 3x the daily rate. See Fine Print below for more info on rental procedures and responsibilities.

Please note that your submission of this form does not constitute an equipment reservation. Your equipment will only be considered reserved when we reply with a confirmation email.

The Fine Print

Weekend rentals must be picked up on Friday and returned on Tuesday, as per office hours.

The first $15 of any equipment or room rental can not be paid by CineCredits.

Rental requests must be submitted at least 72 hours in advance of the desired rental time. Equipment pick­ups and returns must be completed before 1:00pm. All renters must read and sign an equipment rental agreement. Payment in full is required at the time of pick­up. We accept cash, cheque, credit card, or e-transfer (sorry, no debit). Non-­members must provide a deposit via a valid credit card for security.

Renters are liable for one day’s rental fees for each day late, and will have rental privileges revoked until such payment(s) are made. Equipment that is returned in a soiled condition will be subject to cleaning fees.

CineVic cannot assume responsibility or liability or make representation for the performance of its rental equipment. The renter discharges CineVic from all damages whatsoever, resulting from the performance and/or malfunction of all equipment, whether or not there is fault or negligence on the part of CineVic. CineVic equipment may not be under leased or loaned to any other person, production or organizations, and the equipment shall remain at all times under the immediate control, supervision, and direction of the renter or another certified CineVic member in good standing. Rental Equipment may not be removed from British Columbia, nor taken from the ground in an airplane or boat without prior consent. The renter assumes full responsibility and liability for all rental equipment. Liability insurance is the renter’s responsibility. Before equipment leaves the CineVic premises, a liability waiver must be signed by the renter releasing CineVic from all liability for damages caused by CineVic equipment. Should there be any damage to, loss of, or theft of any equipment during the rental period, the renter agrees to compensate CineVic for any losses that CineVic insurance does not cover, up to full replacement value. Acceptance by CineVic of returned equipment does not constitute a waiver of the renter’s responsibility for damage or loss.

Rental of CineVic equipment at member rates constitutes a form of assistance to the filmmaker by CineVic, and as such CineVic must be fully acknowledged and accredited in the film or video production receiving such assistance. The CineVic logo must appear in tail credits for all productions produced through member rates. The filmmaker must also provide CineVic with a copy of the finished film for the film library in a timely fashion to ensure future rental privileges.

Please see our Bylaws for our full equipment rental policy.