Traveller (BozRoz)

2008 ­ 5:55 minutes ­ Directed by Chris Orchard

Chris Orchard of Orchard Film Studios was paired up with Phil Rossner of BozRoz ( who had completed a song called the Traveller back in 2005 with a band made up of local musicians and singers. Bernie Shaw, a long time friend of Phil’s (and Victoria boy) who happen to be in Victoria at the time taking time out from his job as the lead singer for Britain’s Uriah Heep ( agreed to, and laid down the lead vocal tracks for the song.

Traveller – Final SD from Chris Orchard on Vimeo.

Initially a collaboration spawned by a closed competition in September of 2008 by CineVic Society of Independent Filmmakers to raise awareness of local talent, randomly pairing up local filmmakers with local musicians and allowing a little over a month to produce a film or music video showcasing the talents.