Super 8 Day

Flashback to CineVic’s Super 8 Day from October 2010.

CineVic Society of Independent Filmmakers spent the day with a group of grade eleven students from Mulgrave School and we had a blast! The morning was spent with CineVic members Dirk Slot and Scott Amos teaching the students how to use Super 8 film cameras. In the afternoon we let them loose on the grounds of beautiful St. Ann’s Academy, and they went creatively off the hook making their films! We honestly could not believe how seriously they took their film shoots. When time was up they wouldn’t stop! It was amazing to see them getting so focused about making a film on the retro Super 8 cameras.

This teaser includes some of the best clips from the day.


Super 8 Day Teaser from Bryan Skinner on Vimeo.