Production Insurance

CineVic is pleased to allow our members to opt-in to our production insurance coverage -- at a very affordable rate! Coverage includes:

• $250,000 coverage for equipment rented from CineVic
• $250,000 coverage for equipment rented from third parties
• $5,000,000 coverage for commercial general liability

$265 for 10 consecutive days of coverage.

This item is not eligible to be paid with CineCredits or any equipment credit from a CineVic program.

Application Form:
Please download, complete, and submit an application form >> for approval at least 10 business days in advance of your shoot to [email protected]

We encourage all CineVic members to purchase production insurance, either through us or through other providers. Some important points to keep in mind:

• In the event of a claim, the member is responsible for paying a deductible up to $2,500 for equipment or $1,000 for liability.

• Some of our equipment rentals require insurance -- see individual equipment item pages for restrictions and requirements.

• Rate includes 10 days consecutive coverage (you may purchase insurance multiple times for longer shoots, reshoots, etc).

• CineVic Member Production Insurance will only cover productions with a maximum budget of $20,000.

• If you would like to insure equipment rented from third parties, you must list these items, their replacement value, and the rental company name on your application form.

• For locations requiring commercial general liability you must list the individual or corporate landowner's legal name and full address on your form.

• On the application form you will need to include project dates, synopsis, list of locations, rented equipment, and any other third parties who require proof of your insurance. You will also need to attach a budget (must be under $20,000). You are not able to make any changes to your application after filming has begun.

• Insurance coverage is not guaranteed -- your application may be denied by either CineVic or our insurance provider.

Please note there is NO coverage for:

• CineVic Members' or other filmmakers' owned equipment (you should have your own personal or business insurance for this).

• Equipment that is designed for aerial photography or operation thereof.

• Stunts or automobiles.


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