Fiilex 4-Light LED Kit

Package Includes:
2x P360EX Light Heads
2x P180E Light Heads
4x Barndoors
4x AC/DC Power Adapters
1x Softbox 15"x15"
1x Speedring for Softbox
3x Reverse Leg Light Stands
1x Cold Shoe Mount w/ Stud
1x Rolling Travel Case

Daily Rate: $40

Quantity: 1

The K412 Lighting Kit is a powerful four-light kit that will weather the storm. These lights are dimmable and colour-tunable from 3000-56000 with a high CRI of 93.  These lights do not get very hot and do not use much power to operate. Complete in a rolling travel case, the kit has two P360EX lights with 400W of equivalent power (uses 90W), and two P180E lights with 200W of equivalent power (uses 40W), four AC Power adapters, four barndoors, three light stands, one cold shoe mount (for P180E), one 15"x15" softbox, and one speedring.

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