420W + 500W Omni Tota package

Package Includes:
4x 420W Omni lights
1x 500W Tota light (can be fitted with 700W bulb)
2x umbrellas
5x stands
5x cables
carrying case

Daily Rate: $25

Quantity: 1


This Tungsten kit is a must for new and veteran filmmakers  working on a budget, and need a reliable and versatile set of lights. The 420w Omni are open face, and outputs a lot of light that works well when bounced off a board or wall for a soft Key light. The 500w Tota light provides an even amount of light over a small area, and makes a great fill light.

420W + 500W Omni Tota package 1
420W + 500W Omni Tota package