1.2K HMI LTM Par

Package Includes:
1x 1200W HMI LTM Par
1x magnetic ballast
3x lens
3x scrims
2x head cables
1x combi stand

Daily Rate: $70

Quantity: 1

Restrictions: Production Members only

The 1.2k LTM par is similar to our Joker 1200 in that it outputs nearly 5000w Tungsten equivalent, and is used to light large sets. Where it differs is this light is heavy with no carrying case, and uses a magnetic ballast, so high frame rate recording could cause problems, as you can only shoot in intervals of 60.
However the advantage the LTM has over the Joker is it can be used in the more common 15amp circuits.
1.2K HMI LTM Par 2
1.2K HMI LTM Par