Independent Media Arts Access Network (IMAAN)

CineVic Society of Independent Filmmakers is a member of the Independent Media Arts Access Network (IMAAN), which extends certain membership privileges to artists who are members of other artist-run centres that are themselves members of the Independent Media Arts Alliance (IMAA).

CineVic members travelling to another media arts centre in Canada affiliated with IMAAN may apply to utilize the services and membership privileges of that centre during their visit. Conversely, members of other centres affiliated with IMAAN who are travelling to Victoria may wish to access CineVic's services and membership benefits.

See a list of participating centres here.



• “Travelling artist” : The artist seeking access to services under IMAAN
• “Home organization” : Production centre, access centre or co-op with which the Travelling artist is currently affiliated
• “Host organization” : Production centre, access centre or co-op to which the artist is travelling


How to apply for access under IMAAN

• At least two weeks prior to accessing the Host organization’s services, the Travelling artist ensures that their Home organization writes to the prospective Host organization by email and confirms:

a) the artist’s membership level at their Home organization. Because IMAA members have different names and types of membership covering varying levels of support and access, the Home organization should also provide the Host organization with a description of what the artist’s level of membership entails and covers.

b) confirmation that the artist’s membership is in good standing; in other words, membership dues are paid up and member has no unreasonable debt to Home organization.

c) date on which the artist’s membership at the Home organization is due to expire.

d) a positive reference from the Home organization for the Travelling artist.

• If requested, the Travelling artist also provides details to the prospective Host organization about what kind of services they hope to access.

• The Host organization then approves or denies the request, at its sole discretion.


Applicable terms and conditions:

• If approved, the Travelling artist will be subject to the same privileges, conditions, responsibilities and restrictions as members of the Host organization as outlined in Bylaws, with the exception that the Travelling artist will not be able to accumulate or utilize CineCredits, will not have any voting privileges and will not be eligible to sit on Board of Directors.

• Any revenues derived from the provision of services to the Travelling artist (ie., equipment rentals) will be retained by the Host organization.