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This year's CINESPARK pitch competition, originally scheduled for May 2020, has been postponed. We hope to announce the Top 5 scripts along with new event dates later this year. Please keep an eye on this page or subscribe to our newsletter for updates.

Since 2017, CineVic's CINE⚡️SPARK production program has been supporting local artists with cash, services, and equipment toward the production of outstanding short films.

The only submission requirement is a complete screenplay, 10 pages or less. Scripts are blind judged, and the Top 5 pitch their projects in a live event at the annual Short Circuit Film Festival.

The best pitch receives a comprehensive production package to create their short film:

•  $13,500 in-kind equipment rentals from CineVic
• $2,500 in-kind equipment rentals from William F. White
•  $1,500 cash grant
•  $100 Modo driving credits toward production van rental
•  Production Insurance - 10 consecutive days of coverage ($195 value)
•  One-year complimentary CineVic Production Membership ($220 value)
• Your film will premiere at the Short Circuit Film Festival in 2021!

Watch trailers for the first two winners of the CINE⚡️SPARK program:

Premiered at the 2019 Short Circuit Film Festival.

Check out a behind-the-scenes slideshow from the set of Norman:

Her Name Is Destiny
Premiered at the 2018 Short Circuit Film Festival, and screened in eight locations on the Short Circuit #PNW Tour.

Early Deadline:
November 1, 2019

Regular Deadline:
January 1, 2020

Late Deadline:
February 1, 2020

Top 5 Announced:

Top 5 Pitch Event:

CINE⚡️SPARK rules:

• The CINESPARK production program is open to anyone residing on Vancouver Island or the Gulf Islands. Eligibility will be determined at the script stage by the address stated in the submitter's (Writer's) FilmFreeway profile, and for the pitch competition by the address provided for the other team members (Director, Producer).

• Entrants must submit a complete short film script in standard screenplay format. THE WRITER'S NAME AND CONTACT INFO MUST BE REMOVED.

• You may submit as many scripts as you wish, but only one script per writer/submitter will be allowed in the Top 5.

• Scripts may be 10 pages maximum, not including title page. Scripts must be an original work and must be live-action narrative in any genre. (Documentary, animation, or experimental films are not eligible.)

• Submissions are judged based on both creativity and feasibility of production.

• We are unable to provide feedback on either successful or unsuccessful script submissions.

• The Top 5 finalists will be announced in April, 2020. These 5 Writers must then form their teams with a Director and a Producer for the pitch event. The Writer may fill 2, but not 3, of these key positions. The Top 5 will be required to submit a headshot photo and bio of each team member for promotional purposes.

• Teams will pitch their projects at Short Circuit in May 2020 (exact date and time TBA). Any one or a combination of all three team members (Writer, Director, Producer) may participate in the pitch presentation. Teams will be allowed 5 minutes maximum for their pitch, followed by 5 minutes maximum Q&A period with the jury.

• The winning team will receive: a $1,500 cash grant; up to $13,500 of in-kind CineVic equipment rentals toward production of the submitted film; $2,500 of in-kind William F. White equipment rentals toward production of the submitted film; $100 Modo driving credits toward production van rental; production insurance with 10 consecutive days of coverage; and a one-year complimentary CineVic Production Membership. Total package is valued at over $17,500 (no cash value).

• The winning team will enter into a Production Agreement with CineVic Society of Independent Filmmakers and will be required to provide the completed film by April 1, 2021. The members of the winning team may not change after the pitch.

• The cash grant will be released via cheque in two instalments: 75% will be released upon signing of the agreement, and the remaining 25% will be released upon receipt of the finished film and promotional materials. If the film is not completed or provided by the deadline, all monies received by the winning team must be repaid to CineVic.

• The winning team will be required to provide a minimum of 6 production stills including: 2 action shots of filmmakers interacting with CineVic equipment, 2 action shots of filmmakers interacting with William F. Whites equipment, 2 action shots of filmmakers utilizing the Modo van.

• CineVic will maintain first rights to a Victoria premiere screening of the finished film.

• Any key members (Writer, Director, Producer) of a winning team may not submit to, nor participate in, future instances of this competition.

• CineVic, the selection committee, and pitch jury, may have already and may in the future receive or independently develop materials similar to the submitted scripts. All the above parties have the unrestricted right to use these similar materials, and you will have no right or recourse for use of these similar materials.

• CineVic reserves the right to cancel this program and refund entry fees.

CineVic gratefully acknowledges the financial assistance and support of Canada Council for the Arts, Province of British Columbia, British Columbia Arts Council, and the CRD Arts Development Service.

Short Circuit and CINE⚡SPARK sponsors: