BlackMagic Pocket Camera 6K Pro

Package Includes:
1x BlackMagic 6K Pro camera body
1x Wooden Camera unified accessories cage
2x 15mm Rails
1x Arri dove tail
1x Gold Mount
2x Gold Mount Core SWX Neo 150 batteries
1x Dual Core charger
1x LP battery
1x LP battery charger
2x 1TB CFast media cards
1x CFast card reader
1x Power adapter

Daily Rate: $140

Quantity: 2

The Black Magic 6K Pro uses a super35mm sensor with a Canon EF mount, which pairs well with our Xeen or Meike Lenses. These cameras have built in ND filters from .6 to 1.8, making exposure changes fast and easy for a small or solo crew.

We have two Black Magic 6k Pro camera packages available, so if you need a matching B-cam these are the cameras to get!

(Note that the daily rate listed above is for a single camera package.)