It’s a Wrap! Congratulations to the Film Festivus Winners!

Thank you to all that attended CineVic’s 2nd annual (3rd ever) Film Festivus! This year’s Festivus was a true feat of strength, as all entries were completed in 72 hours. While we would like to congratulate the three teams that won, each team that entered should be proud to have completed a film under such tight time constraints.

Best Film: True Happiness  4:31 mins.  Directed by Beth Doman

Runner Up: Silent Night  10:00 mins.  Directed by Brent Layton

Honourable Mention: Noelle’s Package  4:41 mins.  Directed by Trent Peek

Gratitude 5:00 mins. Directed by Michael Korican

Space Tug Blues 4:00 mins. Directed by Michelle Frey

Bug Battle  4:21 mins. Directed by Joan Mount