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Atlas Orion Anamorphic Lenses

CineVic has received our first shipment of new equipment for 2021: a set of three anamorphic prime lenses that will take the look of your film to the next level!

Anamorphics have a long history in Hollywood and Hollywood North -- now we're putting them in the hands of independent filmmakers and media artists on Vancouver Island.

Why use Anamorphic?

Anamorphic lenses were originally designed so that wide format imagery would fully utilize the frame area on 35mm celluloid film. Extending into the digital age, both cinematographers and audiences have become accustomed to their unique look.

Flares, Streaks, Smears

Stop creating artificial lens flares with cheap filter tricks or post-production. Horizontal flares are unique to anamorphic lenses, allowing you to achieve these effects in-camera. The Orion set provides a character all their own with iconic blue horizontal streaks. Read more at ShareGrid.

Better Bokeh

Bokeh is the visual quality of the blur produced in out-of-focus parts of an image.
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Check out the diagram below, and read more at Atlas and RED.

Try them out on your next shoot!

The Atlas Orion 3-lens set rents for $150/day for Production Members (non-members please contact us for commercial rates).

Both of our RED cameras have Super 35mm sensors, allowing you to take full advantage of the unique features of these lenses.

Rent the Gemini camera and get 50% off the Atlas Orion set!

And remember -- the Scarlet camera is now FREE for Production Members!

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CineVic thanks Canada Council for the Arts and British Columbia Arts Council for their generous support.

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