2018 Telefilm Talent to Watch Program

Please note this is archived information from the 2018 program. For current program information please click here >>

CineVic returns as a recommending partner in the 2018 Telefilm Talent to Watch Program (formerly the Micro-Budget program)! Production Members can apply for up to $125,000 for feature film and web series projects.

Deadline for applications to CineVic: Monday April 2, 2018 @ 11:59pm

Connor Gaston’s first feature film The Devout was funded through this program and has been very successful over the past few years, garnering several Leo Awards including Best Motion Picture and a 2018 Canadian Screen Award nomination. We are very proud of this film and would love to help more members’ projects get funded! Please visit the Talent to Watch website to read the updated guidelines and very helpful FAQ. And check out the video of our recent panel featuring past participants of the program:



Some key points to keep in mind when preparing your application:

• This program has two stages:
Recommendation stage: Applicants apply to CineVic, and we select up to two feature films and one web project to recommend to Telefilm. The selected applicant(s) will be required to submit all of their materials through a microsite.
Application stage: If the project(s) recommended by CineVic are selected by Telefilm to move forward, the creative team will then be asked to incorporate a company which will apply directly through Telefilm’s “Dialogue” portal.

• ALL key members of the creative team (writer, director, producer) must be current Production Members of CineVic. Click here to apply or renew your membership.

• ALL key members of recommended projects must be emerging talent, i.e. they must already have produced, directed and/or written at least one short film (30 minutes or less) but cannot have previously held the same key position in a feature length film (75 minutes or more).

• The maximum contribution amount is set at $125,000 for feature film and web projects over 75 minutes, with a minimum of 15% of Telefilm’s contribution being reserved for promotion of the project.

• CineVic will provide in-kind (free) equipment rental for projects that are ultimately funded by Telefilm and go into production. Therefore you may include a realistic amount of in-kind equipment rental from CineVic as both revenue and expense items in your budget.

• Telefilm has recently outlined a priority of achieving “a representative and diversified feature film portfolio that better reflects gender, cultural diversity and Canada’s Indigenous communities” with a goal to reflect “gender parity in each of the key roles of director, writer and producer” by 2020. Please keep this in mind when assembling your team and developing your application.

• The list of required materials in your application can be found on page 5 of the guidelines under section 1.2.1 Microsite Presentation. You will need to compile these items onto a standalone website and submit a link with your application. Please note applications must include complete screenplays.

• CineVic will make our selection and may offer feedback to the recommended applicant who will have approximately one week to perfect their application before we submit it to Telefilm. Unfortunately we cannot give feedback to applicants who are not chosen to go forward.

NEW THIS YEAR! Telefilm has added two additional funding streams to this program for 2018:
Fast Track Stream: Automatic financing will be given to projects directed by an emerging director having previously directed a short film that has won a prize at a selected film festival. Applicants to the Fast Track Stream should contact Telefilm before applying to the Program.
Festival Selection Stream: This new stream aims to support projects chosen among submitted films directed by an emerging director having previously directed a short film that was selected at a recognized film festival. Funding under this stream is not automatic.
Please check the guidelines and list of eligible festivals to confirm if you are able to apply under these new streams. If not, you will apply under the general “Selective Stream.”

Deadline for applications to CineVic: Monday April 2, 2018 @ 11:59pm. To apply, simply send a link to your microsite to [email protected]

Good luck!