OTS8 Registration Form 2024


Are you a current CineVic Member?(Required)
Is this your first time participating in a One Take Super 8 event?(Required)
Will you be making a digital soundtrack for your film?(Required)
You can change your mind later. Deadline for submitting soundtracks is Monday October 7th 2024.
Will you need access to a Super 8 camera from CineVic?(Required)
If you use your own camera you will still need to arrange pickup and dropoff of your film cartridge at CineVic headquarters.
Please choose your preference of colour or black & white film cartridge:(Required)
First come, first served. We'll try to provide your preference but cannot guarantee.
Please select your top 2 date choices for your one-week camera loan:(Required)
PLEASE SELECT 2 CHOICES BELOW. Camera pickup is on Fridays, dropoff the following Thursday. We will do our best to accommodate your preferred dates, but your flexibility is appreciated. Date selection is first-come first-served, so the earlier the better! Absolute last day to return cameras and film is Thursday August 29th, as the films will ship to the lab on that day. Any late film submissions will not be processed or screened. If your name is chosen in the lottery we will contact you to confirm dates.