Package Includes:
1x 1200W HMI Joker
1x electronic ballast
1x head cable
1x barndoors
6x scrims
4x lenses
1x Chimera speed ring
1x lens case
1x combi stand
carrying case

Draws 18 amps, so can only be used in 20 amp outlets.

Daily Rate: $80

Quantity: 1

Restrictions: Production Members only

 The 1200w Joker puts out a lot of light at nearly 5000w Tungsten equivalent. Use this light when you need to light a large set, or you need to compete with high intensity and high contrast from the Sun. The electronic ballast allows for many different frame rates with no flicker.
1.2K HMI Joker 3
1.2K HMI Joker 2