Conflict of Interest Policy

Regarding the Board of Directors participating in events and programming:

- Board members are volunteers and actively participate in CineVic events and programs.
- Board member involvement in CineVic is encouraged.
- Board members are seen as ambassadors for CineVic and set an example by participating in events in their respective areas of expertise.
- Most board members are elected through their active participation in the local film community and/or CineVic.
- CineVic strives to create an inclusive environment by providing all members with equal opportunities for participating in events and as members of the board.

Regarding conflicts:

- CineVic strives to provide all members with the same opportunities. In the event of a conflict of interest, an independent committee will be struck to review the conflict and make a recommendation to either the Executive Director, Board Chair or Board of CineVic.
- Protocols have been established to avoid conflicts. An example of an obvious conflict of interest would be if a CineVic member or board member was on a jury panel for a screening or program to which they have also submitted a film. In this case, the member or board member would have to step off the panel or rescind their own film submission.
- For board members selected in the final stage of a major program such as Cinespark or Telefilm Micro-Budget Program, the board member would have to step down off the board. After the program has been completed and the conflict has subsided, the member could run for a board seat at the next AGM, or be appointed by the board if there is a vacancy.
- For smaller events such as Film Festivus where there is no selection process and all submissions are screened, board members can participate. Jurors or panelists in these cases are recruited specifically to avoid conflict of interest with the filmmakers.
- All other potential conflicts of interest are reviewed on a case by case basis with the intent of providing fair and reasonable decisions.